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    Thank you Sales Professionals

    The Commission Exchange has been successfully acquired by CG Capital.

  • Turn your unpaid commissions

    into growth capital

    Commission financing to fuel your success

    Powered by The Commission Exchange

  • The Power of Leverage

    The time value of money is real, and waiting for commissions is costly.

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    An electricity brokerage firm faced a timely opportunity to invest $800,000 in its business and enter a new market that would triple its revenue in 18 months. The Commission Exchange quickly valued the firms unpaid commissions and offered payout options to power growth and continued success.

    How could the power of leverage fuel your business?

  • How we do it

    The Commission Exchange doesn't make loans, charge interest, check your personal credit or require unnecessary collateral.

    We simply score your unpaid commission book and make you the best possible offers for payout. Our unique approach to scoring looks at what's important, and puts the power of choice back in your hands to access your money on your terms


    Result: Capital to help you grow without giving up equity.

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    Submit your profile

    with an online request for payout.

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    We review your request and provide offers for payout on your approved commissions.

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    The process is fast, confidential,

    private and secure.

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    Grow Your Business

    Fuel your sales team,

    Implement new technology,

    Take your business to the next level.

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    Build Your Renewals

    Remain the broker of record on all your deals and build the life-time value of your book

    We're here to help you win more..

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    Keep Your Equity

    It's your business and your customers,

    Our role is to help you grow.

  • Aggregators, Brokers and Consultants

    The trend by retail power providers paying less money upfront and moving to a residual-based pay model is tied to commissioned contracts being sold with start dates years down the road. From a REP's/ESCO's cash flow perspective, it makes sense.

    What also makes sense is to monetize your future commissions now with payment options powered by The Commission Exchange.


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    Up to $10 million in upfront financing for exiting forward-based unpaid/residual commissions

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    Up to $5 million in an on-going new business

    Line of Commission

  • Find out how much you can unlock now

  • M&A Advisory Services

    Merger and Acquisition is in full swing throughout the Retail Energy (Power and Gas) industry as contracts are fully-termed up and organic growth slows. ABC's of tomorrow are working diligently on growth strategies that demand economies of scale to leverage combined strengths and drive more value to their client base, dominate new markets and acquire new customer segments.



    As a Broker, Consultant or Aggregator, are you ready?



    Our partners and professionals have experience in nearly every possible background and segment of the retail energy marketplace, with expertise in key areas:

    • Book valuation across multiple markets, including multiple payout variations and values
    • Due diligence management
    • Direct capital participation/structured facilities
    • Industry expertise across multiple markets
    • Access to proprietary deal-flow

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    Sell-side merger and acquisition advisory services for ABC seeking an exit strategy

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    Growth advisory for buy-side diligence across multiple markets, and REP/ESCO channels and payout structures

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    Create economies of scale and leverage your combined strength to drive more value to your client base, dominate new markets and acquire new customer segments

  • Retail Energy Provider / ESCO Programs

    We partner with innovative Retail Energy Providers/ESCO's that want to access The Commission Exchange programs to

    maximize customer acquisitions strategies by better serving the financial needs of their sales partners.


    To receive information about partnering with The Commission Exchange

    please enter your contact information below and a member of our team will contact you.


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    Customer Acquisition

    Customized payment solutions to fuel customer acquisition efforts

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    Actionable Data

    Interactive Commission Statements to empower partners with actionable data

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    Retention Solutions

    Volume-based channel incentives to drive higher rates of client retention

  • The Commission Statement

    The Commission Statement is a forum for news, compensation information, opinions and practical advice that

    sales professionals and commission-based organisations use every day in their businesses.

    There are no published blog posts yet.
  • The Commission Exchange


    The Commission Exchange is introducing a better way to access all your unpaid commissions.


    We’ve solved the financial need of commission-based energy brokerage firms and their sales professionals to unlock future electricity and natural gas commissions today.


    Founded and led by a highly successful commission-based sales professional turned entrepreneur, The Commission Exchange has created proprietary programs for exclusive members-only energy brokerage clients to maximize their hard work and unlock commissions today, giving them a timely competitive advantage with growth capital.


    The Commission Exchange has raised its hand as the self-appointed official sponsor of commissioned-based energy brokerage firms and their sales professionals.

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    Official Sponsor of Sales Professionals Everywhere